On the Road to Mandalay with Dr. Gary Barth


Two Presentations: September 11th & 23rd at the Eye Care Institute

Dr. Gary Barth has been invited as a surgeon to inaugurate a new eye hospital close to Mandalay in rural Myanmar (formerly Burma). This is an unusual project for this very poor country, which has a huge backlog of blindness cases. The eye hospital just opened in a Buddhist monastery run by an abbott who, blinded in one eye as a child, is eager to restore vision to the villagers in the area.

Prior to this volunteer trip beginning on October 2, 2014, Dr. Barth will be presenting his slides of eye surgery in rural developing countries on two nights in September 2014. To illustrate the medical storyline of how he was called upon to be an inaugural surgeon in Myanmar, he will give a photo-journal presentation highlighting his previous volunteer efforts in Nepal, India, and Cambodia.

We welcome you to the presentation! Please RSVP to 4th Street Laser & Surgery Center: 707-546-8100

Dr. Barth has been working with the SEVA Foundation. These talks will also be fundraisers for SEVA Foundation. Donations to sponsor cataract surgery gladly accepted.

The wine and refreshments reception will begin at 6 PM. There will be a break at 7 PM and the second slideshow will be for those who want to stay for more stories and a wide ranging discussion of delivery of eye care surgery in the developing world.

Photo-Journal Topics:

  • Himalayan cataract eye camp: The traveling team performed 60 surgeries in the living room of a house. Hear about the complicated logistics of bringing surgical expertise to a Nepali town.
  • A photo story and interview of a newly blind woman left alone in Nepal. Her son returned to their Indian village to get more money for his mother’s surgery. Her obvious misery was interrupted by the toddler stealing her walking stick.
  • Two grandsons carried their completely blind grandfather for 2 hours to get cataract surgery. Here they are giving him his first eye test immediately following bandage removal.
  • Dr. Gary Barth arriving in Nepal with 11 corneas to inaugurate the first corneal transplant service in western Nepal.
  • Images of a local Nepali newspaper with an article announcing our arrival to start the corneal transplant training. Story of Maya, age 13, who was one of the first corneal transplant patients on the initial Nepal trip. After the first surgery she was able to return to school. One the second trip we transplanted her other keratoconic cornea.
  • A common sight: a sugarcane worker with bilateral blindness due to injuries and infections of both corneas.
  • Dr. Robert Anderson examines a boy with severe congenital glaucoma on a service trip ECI surgeons took to rural India.
  • A young Himalayan boy lacerated his cornea playing with a glass bottle. He held amazingly still and had the cornea sutured with just local anesthesia! He spontaneously gave me the Namaste greeting as I walked by.
  • ECI’s Drs Rich, Anderson, and Barth adopted a Cambodian “eye-camp” model by recruiting vineyard and farm laborers who were suffering from a pterygium and were uninsured and ineligible for government insurance. Using our 4th St Laser & Surgery Center, we performed 24 completely free surgeries on National Give Back Day. We and our co-partner, Operation Access were awarded a $10,000 check by Newman’s Own Foundation to continue our Give Back efforts in November.

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