Glaucoma Laser Treatment Santa Rosa, CA

Laser surgery treatments may be recommended for different types of glaucoma.

Laser Treatment For Open-Angle Glaucoma

The drain is treated in open-angle glaucoma where the laser is used to adjust the drain (trabeculoplasty) to help control eye pressure. At ECI, the laser we use to perform trabeculoplasty is the SLT laser. The most important benefit of this laser is the potential to repeat treatment, even if laser procedures have been performed in the past.

Drawing of Laser Treatment For Open-Angle Glaucoma

Laser Treatment For Closed-Angle Glaucoma

In closed-angle glaucoma, the laser creates a hole in the iris (iridotomy) to enhance the flow of aqueous fluid to the drain. The laser used for this purpose is called the YAG laser.

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