Sifiun & Vijay: A Valentine’s Day Story of Restored Eyesight

Married for decades, Sifiun & Vijay liken themselves to two wheels on a cart. But ever since she lost her eyesight years ago, Sifiun has felt like a broken wheel. The couple learned that only her right eye could be saved, and only with a corneal transplant.

For five years, they traveled from clinic to clinic but were unable to find help. They had no hope because everywhere they went, the doctors told them they needed a cornea and no one had one. The couple made one last effort and traveled to the Seva supported, Geta Eye Hospital in Nepal.

On the day they visited, a team of Seva staff had also arrived, bringing with them several donated corneas. Dr. Bidya Prasad Pant, who runs the Geta Eye Hospital, went directly to the operating room to prepare for surgery.

After surgery, Sifiun was able to see again, bringing an end to five long years of blindness.

Thanks to Seva supporters, their cart again has two working wheels. When asked what is her favorite thing to look at, Sifiun says “My husband’s face.”

This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of sight at the Seva Foundation website.

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