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Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor

Are you making the most of your eye doctor appointments? Of course, it is a chance for your eye doctor to check your vision and to discuss any issues with your eyes that you are concerned about. But you should also be taking this time to ask some questions that can benefit not only your eyes but …

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October is Home Eye Safety Awareness Month

Taking good care of your eyes is very important – it only takes a second for an eye injury to happen, and that injury can change your life forever. And, many eye injuries can happen in your own home when you are just going about your everyday chores, such as cleaning using dangerous chemicals or mowing …

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Should you have your eyes dilated?

Having an eye exam may not be your favorite thing to do, and for many, the least favorite part of the eye exam is when the doctor dilates your eyes. It may seem like an annoying inconvenience, and you may be wondering if it’s really necessary. Why does your eye doctor dilate your eyes, and should …

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Protect Your Eyes This Summer

When the weather gets hot and the summer sun is sizzling, you probably know that you need to take some extra steps to stay healthy and comfortable, such as drinking lots of water and making sure to slather on the sunscreen when you do decide to go outside. But you should also make sure to protect …

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What is “lazy eye”?

It can be difficult to tell if your son or daughter has a “lazy eye” – when one eye turns inward or outward more than the other. However, this is an issue you and your family eye doctor will want to watch out for, because if it is left untreated, a lazy eye can mean long-term problems …

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3+ Things Your Eye Doctor Wish You Knew

When you come in to the eye doctor for your annual eye exam or because you are having an issue with your eyes, there is little time for small talk. And there certainly isn’t enough time for your eye doctor to run through all of the things he or she wishes every patient would know. Read on …

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Do you have a macular hole?

Having a macular hole may sound like something that would happen in a horror movie or at least in your worst nightmare. However, although the term “macular hole” is frightening, it is actually an eye condition that can be treated very successfully once it is diagnosed. Read on for more information about macular holes and why …

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Did you know that the Eye Care Institute does Botox?

Botox is a very popular procedure that has been in use for decades. The odds are that you know someone who has had Botox, but you may not know very much about it. Did you know that the doctors you know and trust at the Eye Care Institute offer Botox? Read on for other things you …

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What is laser cataract surgery?

Unfortunately, cataracts are a common part of getting older – but the good news is that they are easily treated. Read on for some information on what cataracts are and how the Eye Care Institute can help you to deal with them and see better. What are cataracts? Cataracts can develop in children, and some newborns may …

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Diabetes and Eye Health

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you are no doubt starting to realize how the disease can affect all aspects of your health. This, of course, includes the eyes. Here is some information you need to know about how diabetes can affect your vision and your eye health. 4 ways diabetes can affect your eyes …

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