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About Laser Cataract Surgery

We discuss laser cataract surgery with patients when their best-corrected vision is not adequate for their needs and the cataract is the primary reason for their visual loss. For example, cataract surgery is considered when an individual has difficulty with driving, reading, or other activities of daily life. It is performed as an elective (non-emergency) procedure.

The surgeons at ECI are thrilled to be able to offer advanced femtosecond laser cataract surgery with laser-guided astigmatism management and quicker vision. We perform microincisional cataract surgery that is done under topical anesthesia and does not require the use of stitches in most cases. After the bulk of the natural lens is removed, an intraocular lens implant is implanted. We have excellent results in selecting the proper power of lens implant for each patient to provide them with optimal post-op vision.

What People Say About Us!

"My recent cataract surgery at ECI was one of the best healthcare experiences I’ve had. My surgery was elective since my cataracts were not very advanced, but I wanted to have lens replacement to reduce my reliance on glasses. The result of the surgery is that I’m now totally free of glasses, even for reading. My surgeon is a kind, compassionate, and attentive doctor. He even called me in the evening after my surgery to see how I was doing. The staff that I interacted with at ECI, including office personnel, medical technicians, and nurses, were all competent, caring, and efficient professionals. Thanks, ECI."

- Anonymous

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Immediately following surgery, patients usually report minimal discomfort and are often back to their normal daily activities within days of surgery. Our typical post-cataract surgery patient is delighted with their improved vision and functioning. Our doctors take pride in delivering personalized care for laser cataract surgery patients in Santa Rosa.

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