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Contact Lens FAQ’s

young-woman-wearing-contacts-110174-300x200 Whether you are new to contact lenses or merely considering them, contact lenses require special care.

Learn what you can expect in terms of adjusting to and caring for your contacts.

If you already wear contacts, make sure you are following sanitary lens care with our tips on how to safely use and care for your contact lenses.

Common Questions About Contact Lenses

  • How do you take out contacts? Before you remove contacts, wash and dry your hands. Pull your upper eyelid away from the eye and your lower lid down. Then take your index finger and thumb and gently reach for the contact lens. Lightly squeeze the lens and pull it down and out of your eye. Clean and store the lens, then repeat the process with your other eye.
  • Can you sleep with contacts? In some cases, you may be able to sleep with contacts. Some contact lenses are approved for long wear and can be worn overnight; however, this can increase the risk of eye infections. If you would like to wear overnight contact lenses, we recommend you make an appointment. We can evaluate your prescription, your lenses, and your lifestyle and work to transition you toward overnight lenses.
  • Can you shower with contacts? Do not shower with contacts, take your contacts into the hot tub or swimming pool, or otherwise expose them to water. Water exposure increases your risk of eye infection. In a worst-case scenario, you could go blind.
  • Are contacts bad for your eyes? Contact lenses can cause eye problems if they are not worn and cared for correctly. The biggest risk factor of contact lens-related vision problems is improper care of contacts. As long as you follow the recommendations we give you regarding the safe care of contacts, you will minimize your risk of eye problems. We may be able to fit you for disposable contact lenses if you are concerned about following our contact care recommendations. Since you discard these after one wear, you will not have to spend as much time on maintenance.
  • How do you clean contact lenses? Clean contacts every day by placing one lens at a time in the palm of your hand and squirting it with the contact lens solution recommended by our eye doctors. Never use a solution that is past its expiration date or reuse the solution. Once a month, clean your contact lens case. If you have any questions about contact lens cleaning, ask us. We would be happy to demonstrate lens care during your next visit.
  • How do you get used to contacts? When transitioning to contact lenses, we recommend wearing them for short periods of time. When they feel uncomfortable, remove them. Slowly increase the amount of time you wear lenses and you will start getting used to them.
  • Can I wear makeup and contacts?
    Yes, you can. Read our tips about wearing contact lenses and cosmetics safely.

If you have more questions about wearing contacts, our staff at Eye Care Institute would be happy to answer them. Do not hesitate to call us in Santa Rosa at (707) 546-9800 if you want additional information about wearing contacts or caring for your contact lenses.

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