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Great service . Good quality lenses . I was taking care by Jill at optics department. She solved all the complicated issues I had and help with love and care. Thank you.
Svetlana Tara-Browne
Dr. Nina Ni is an amazing person. I would call her perfect as a medical doctor with an incredible "bedside manner". And ALL of the staff are just as Amazing. From the receptionists, to the wonderful people examining my eyes, were excellent. I cannot overstate how professional and delightful everyone was with me. My vision is perfect now. This experience changed my life, with my vision, and my faith in people. Thank you so much for everything. Jon
Jon Garate
Very clean and professionally run office all the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and helpful
Robbie Woosley
Jonna Allen
They are very knowledgeable and do a great job
Marvin DeAngelis
DR Shah was extremely thorough and detailed in my eye care!
Last December I contracted Shingles above my right eye and as I was being treated, my PCP referred me to the Eye Institute to make sure that my vision was not impaired by the disease. From my very first visit, I felt that I was in good hands in protecting my eyesight. My physician was Dr. Lillian Yang and I have nothing but high praise for her as she made sure that my recovery stayed on track. She was very proficient and always addressed my concerns as to what I was feeling about my sight. When I believed that my shingles had flared up I alerted my PCP and Dr Yang,who ordered another round of antiviral meds as a precaution to keep my recovery going forward and it helped a great deal. I was impressed with her expertise and attention to details. My eyesight improved and I made progress to the point that the haziness in my right eye cleared up. I returned in October for a follow-up and as my Shingles was still bothering me, she restarted the antiviral medicine along with steroid eye drops as the haziness had returned. I have nothing but praise for her exceptional attention to detail and expertise. I couldn't have asked for better care. During my treatment course, I was impressed with the staff at the Reception Desk. They were always personable and courteous and put me at ease. I was also impressed by the professionalism and expertise of the Techs who assisted Dr. Yang. They made me feel at ease as they performed all the preliminary procedures with deft competence prior to Dr. Yang seeing me. I don't remember all their names, but I on my last visit I was able to get a new prescription. The Tech who did the procedure was Delia. She was very proficient and made the experience one of the best I have ever had. She was patient, encouraging and thorough. I would without hesitation highly recommend Dr. Yang and the staff at the Eye Institute to anyone wanting the best vision care possible.
James Mobley
Dr Abramson, Miss Carrie, Miss Patty, Miss Anne and the entire staff members were extremely kind and helpful to Miss Yuanyi Zhang on her visit on 10/17/2023. Recommendations will be sent out since this office should serve as a patient service guide to many in the medical and health care industry in need of reform.
ken ramnath
Gary Lissow
The staff is friendly, knowledgeable,and great to work with. Dr Ni is amazing and I highly recommend her.
Michele Rose

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