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5 Signs That You Need An Immediate Eye Exam

Regular eye exams are important to maintain the health of your eyes. Unfortunately, many people avoid getting these exams until they begin experiencing problems. Here are five signs that may indicate the need for an immediate eye exam.

  1. Pain in or around the eye.Eye pain is often mild and temporary, but it can also be the sign of a serious eye condition. If you are experiencing pain in or around one or both of your eyes, it’s time to make an appointment with an eye doctor to find the cause.
  2. Vision disturbances.In most cases, problems with vision can be corrected with glasses or contacts. However, some vision disturbances can be a sign of a more serious issue. In either case, you need to see an eye doctor if you are experiencing :
    • Decreased vision
    • Double vision
    • Problems with peripheral vision
  3. Bulging of the eye.Your eye is considered to be “bulging” if you can see the white of the eye over the top of the iris. This may result from bleeding behind the eye, glaucoma, hyperthyroidism, cancer and other causes. If your eyes begin to bulge, see an eye doctor immediately.
  4. Excess Tearing.Your eyes may produce excess tears for many different reasons, ranging from ulcers on the cornea to eye infections. If your eyes are tearing excessively without an obvious cause you can treat at home, consider making an appointment with an eye doctor.
  5. Persistent redness.The whites of the eyes and/or the area around the eye typically become red when the eye is irritated. Common causes of eye irritation include hay fever, corneal ulcers, foreign objects in the eye, infection and more. Because some of these conditions require medical attention, you should make an appointment with an eye doctor if you experience persistent eye redness.

Keep in mind that, even if you aren’t experiencing any of the symptoms above, regular eye exams are important for your overall health. In addition, the end of the year is approaching quickly, so if you haven’t already used your vision insurance policy’s yearly preventative eye exam, now is the perfect time to schedule it. Contact our offices in Santa Rosa at (707) 546-9800 or complete our contact form below.

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