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Why are regular eye examinations important?

Eye Exam Santa Rosa CA Regardless of your age or overall physical health, visiting a doctor for routine eye examinations is critical to ensuring proper vision and the best possible vision health. Not only will a complete and thorough eye examination determine your prescription for contacts or eyeglasses, it can also be used to check and monitor the eyes for signs of eye diseases. With many conditions, an early diagnosis and treatment can preserve your vision for many years to come!

Why have eye examinations?

Most conditions that impact the eyes are easier to treat in the earliest stages versus the later stages. With a routine eye examination, patients can rest easy that not only are their prescription changes made for eyeglasses and contacts, but that certain conditions can be spotted sooner. In fact, an eye doctor may be able to spot eye conditions before patients even experience symptoms!

When should I see an eye doctor?

In most cases, patients should see an eye doctor on a yearly basis, especially if they wear corrective lenses. This ensures that any vision changes are accounted for and that prescriptions are most effective. Patients who do not need corrective lenses can often see an eye doctor every few years, and annually once they hit the age of 60. Routine, annual visits are recommended to patients over the age of 60 as there are many age-related conditions that can impact one’s vision health. Patients should also make an appointment if they are noticing any changes to their vision. This may include blurring, floaters, flashes of light, or pain. Symptoms such as this may be indicative of a more serious problem that may require immediate attention, such as retinal detachment. Having a good relationship with your eye doctor and visiting regularly will help reduce the risk of a wide range of conditions that can impact vision and eye health.

Schedule your eye examination today!

The doctors of Eye Care Institute believe patients of all ages should have routine eye examinations to maintain their vision and eye health. Contact our team by calling (707) 546-9800 to request an appointment to have your vision evaluated.

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