The importance of routine eye examinations

Eye Exam and Test Santa Rosa, CA You visit the dentist every six months. You go for your screenings on an annual basis with your primary doctor. Shouldn’t you schedule a routine eye exam as well?

Vision health is just as important as the health of other areas of the body. Your vision is critical to maintaining a good quality of life and living life to its fullest. To do so, patients should be adamant about ensuring they schedule routine eye examinations with the team of the Eye Care Institute.

Why should I be scheduling routine examinations for my vision?

Many patients don’t think of visiting an eye doctor until they have a problem. However, routine evaluations completed to monitor vision health is a smart idea. Some conditions may develop but patients may not be showing symptoms or problems yet. In the case of many eye diseases and conditions, early diagnosis and intervention is extremely beneficial. With routine evaluations, patients can catch these problems early and find successful treatment to bring their vision back to health.

How often should I schedule a vision examination?

There are many factors that a patient may need to take into consideration when determining the regularity of their vision screenings. Patients who do not have current problems with their vision may be able to schedule their appointments a year or two apart. However, patients who have been diagnosed with certain conditions, such as glaucoma or cataracts, may want to see their doctor regularly to monitor the progression of their condition. Additionally, patients with certain medical conditions such as diabetes will want to schedule more routine visits, typically screenings spaced one year apart. During an initial evaluation with the team at the Eye Care Institute, patients can discuss how often they should be seeing their eye physician for examinations.

Schedule an appointment today with the Eye Care Institute

Patients interested in scheduling a routine eye examination are encouraged to book an appointment at one of the three locations of the Eye Care Institute. A phone call to (707) 546-9800 allows patients to schedule a visit at their preferred location to have their vision evaluated and discuss the need for corrective lenses or treatments for diagnosed conditions.

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