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Get Your Eyes Ready for Spring Allergy Season

Young,Pretty,Woman,Sneezing,In,Front,Of,Blooming,Tree.,Spring Do you ever suffer from seasonal allergies? Is it especially bad for your eyes? If so, the Eye Care Institute has some strategies to help.

Allergens like pollen can trigger redness, inflammation, congestion, and dry eyes, among other symptoms. Most people with spring allergies find that their eye symptoms flare up during this time of year.

Why Do My Eyes Get So Irritated From Allergies?

Like any other part of your body, the eyes can be affected by an allergic reaction. Allergic conjunctivitis occurs when a substance called histamine affects the conjunctiva of your eyes; the conjunctiva is a clear layer of tissue that covers the whites of your eyes as well as your eyelids.

Histamine is a substance the body releases in response to allergen exposure. It can cause the conjunctiva to become red, itchy, and teary. Some patients notice that they have an adverse effect, and they develop dry eye from allergies. This is likely due to inflammation reducing tear production.

Avoid Allergen Exposure

The first line of defense is a good offense. If allergies come from allergens, then reducing your exposure is the place to start. Spring cleaning and wearing clean clothes will dramatically lower your exposure.

You can go a step further with HVAC cleaning. Replace your air filter and consider a duct cleaning service.

Consider Antihistamines

Beyond that, antihistamines go a long way. You can take over-the-counter medications. An oral daily pill is enough for most people. If you need something a little more potent, medicated allergy eye drops are a potential treatment option.

Increase Eye Moisture

You will have more success when you think about how allergies affect your eyes. Typically, redness, burning, and dryness accompany seasonal allergies.

You can mitigate all of these by keeping your eyes moist. Lubricating (non-medicated) eye drops will fend off excess dryness, mitigating your symptoms quickly and reliably.

Prioritize General Eye Care

Eye health is important all year, and taking care of your eyes can ensure you’re better equipped to handle symptoms of seasonal allergies. For example:

  • Wear glasses instead of contacts when your eyes are irritated.
  • Rest your eyes from screens to prevent further dryness.
  • Wear sunglasses outside to protect from allergens and dry air.

Also, consider scheduling an eye exam to discuss your allergy-related symptoms, as well as any other general concerns you have about your eye health. Our team can offer practical solutions that help you feel as comfortable as possible year-round.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you would like to discuss your eye symptoms with an expert, you can schedule an appointment with the Eye Care Institute. Call the Santa Rosa, CA, office at 707-546-9800 or schedule an appointment online.

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