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Corneal eye disorders that can cause vision loss

Your vision is incredibly important. This is why the team at Eye Care Institute encourages patients to pay close attention to any changes in their vision or eye health that may indicate a much bigger problem. Several corneal eye disorders can occur and result in reduce or lost vision.

What is the cornea?

The cornea is a part of the eye that covers the front-most area. It is a clear, dome-like area that allows light to pass through it to allow for clear vision. Any changes or impact to the cornea can result in anything from minor discomfort and irritation to complete vision loss and blindness. Corneal conditions are the fourth leading cause of blindness, and many of them can be avoided or treated to protect vision and eye health. When injury, infection, or disease impact the cornea, it can be detrimental to one’s vision.

What eye disorders cause vision loss or blindness?

  • Corneal injuries – if the cornea is injury, it can impact one’s vision. With proper care, many patients can address the problem and seek effective treatment to restore their vision and eye health, if possible. This includes corneal abrasions. Permanent problems may require corneal transplant surgery.
  • Corneal infections – the cornea may also become infected. Infections may include conjunctivitis (or pink eye), shingles (herpes zoster), or ocular herpes. Treatment is required to ensure the condition does not result in vision impairment or vision loss.
  • Corneal dystrophy – another problem that can cause vision loss or blindness is corneal dystrophy. These are often hereditary issues. There are more than 20 corneal dystrophies, and the most common include keratoconus and Fuchs’ dystrophy. Without proper treatment, most patients will lose their vison entirely and become legally blind.

Eye Care Institute offers help for patients with corneal opacities

Corneal opacities are conditions of the eye that can lead to clouding, scarring, or vision loss. If you are experiencing changes or complications with your vision, it is important that you get a proper evaluation performed to ensure you are not dealing with more serious problems. Call Eye Care Institute today at (707) 546-9800 to schedule a consultation with one of our several doctors among the three local office locations. We accept new patients to provide quality, comprehensive vision services.

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