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Understanding corneal transplant with DSEK

At the Eye Care Institute, we offer a myriad of vision health services and procedures for patients in and around the community. Patients who are in need of corneal transplant have a number of options to choose from. One of the most popular treatments is that of Descemet stripping endothelial keratoplasty, or DSEK.

What is DSEK?

DSEK is a surgical procedure for the eye that is used to transplant healthy endothelial cell layers to restore the clarity of the cornea and improve overall vision. It is not intended to correct scarring, surface irregularities or thinning of the cornea, but instead correct corneal endothelium failure. The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes and requires the removal of the endothelium and descement membrane. A donor cornea is then prepared and transplanted into the eye, attaching it to the posterior cornea. The procedure is often used in lieu of PK, or “penetrating keratoplasty.”

What are the advantages of DSEK over PK?

There are several benefits to having DSEK performed instead of PK. DSEK is:

  • Less invasive than PK
  • Performed with small surgical incisions
  • Free from corneal-graft sutures
  • Faster to recover from
  • Less of a risk of complications
  • Shorter in post-operative care
  • Effective and predictable for most patients

Who is a candidate for DSEK?

Corneal transplant with DSEK is a specialized procedure that is not for everyone. To determine if you are a candidate for DSEK, patients are invited to schedule a consultation visit with one of our doctors to undergo a thorough evaluation. During this examination, the doctor will review the patient’s vision health and medical history. An assessment is performed to determine if the patient is a good fit for DSEK, or if they would benefit from another type of procedure instead. It is important that this evaluation is completed to ensure patients would achieve the results they desire safely and effectively.

Learn more about DSEK today!

Contact the doctors of Eye Care Institute at one of our three practice locations to learn more about corneal transplant with DSEK. Our primary line is (707) 546-9800 and can be called to schedule a consultation at any of our office locations.

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