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Attention moms: This reason for blurry vision shouldn’t alarm you

eye care If you ever start to notice a problem with your vision – blurriness or seeing double, or suddenly having trouble seeing things up close or at a distance – we would encourage you to take it seriously. It could simply mean that your eyes are changing for normal reasons, and it’s time to get fitted for glasses or contacts, or your existing prescription needs changing.

Sometimes vision problems can indicate other vision or overall health problems. In any case, you should make an appointment with your eye doctor right away and find out what’s causing your vision problems. Call for an appointment today: (707) 546-9800.

There is a certain condition, however, that can cause vision problems, and we will likely tell you it’s nothing to worry about.

Temporary eye issues are common when pregnant and nursing
If you’re pregnant or nursing, you may have noticed that images appear blurry and sometimes double. The diagnosis can vary from astigmatism to presbyopia to hyperopia, and strangely enough, any or all of these vision problems can be temporary, occurring simply because you are pregnant and/or nursing.

Pregnancy and nursing can significantly alter eyesight
But these vision disturbances are almost always temporary. During pregnancy and lactation, many women may experience changes in their “refractive error.” This alters your vision by causing the eye to have trouble focusing, both up close and at a distance.

There are some typical explanations
Your vision could be reacting to hormonal changes and other physical effects of pregnancy, childbearing and lactation. In addition, fluid buildup that also causes swollen ankles and fingers can affect the lens and cornea of the eye.

Discuss your concerns with your eye doctor
He or she will likely perform a non-dilated exam, as it’s not known for certain if the chemical used to dilate the pupils can get into a woman’s milk supply. Most eye doctors agree that refractive error can be variable throughout pregnancy and lactation, so final prescription should be determined following your first menstrual cycle after you stop nursing. And if you didn’t wear glasses before pregnancy and nursing, you likely won’t need them after.

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