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Wink Not, Want Not: How to Combat Dry Eye This Season

fall-season-eye-care Does the person standing next to you in line at the farmer’s market think that you are winking at them because of your incessant blinking? Does your boss think that you have a nervous tick because of that very same blinking? If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, and just can’t seem to find relief from it then you should consider not only getting it looked at by the experts at Eye Care Institute but looking into all of your options. From over-the-counter eyedrops to an in-office consultation, this article will discuss some of the steps you should be taking to get relief from your chronic dry eye. Read on to learn more.

Over-the-Counter Eyedrops
We’ve all seen commercials advertising over-the-counter eye drops that are designed specifically to help give you the clarity you need to see better. By helping to coat your eyes so that they stay moist and hydrated longer, over-the-counter eyedrops can give you instant, and temporary relief. Plus, you can simply carry around a bottle of them with you in your bag so that if your eyes start acting up, you have a solution that can help out.

In-Office Consultation
If you have tried over-the-counter eyedrops and just aren’t satisfied with the results, then contact Eye Care Institute to schedule a consultation. During your appointment with one of our eye experts, you will be evaluated in order to determine the root of the problem and what solutions are available to you. By scheduling a consultation, we can help get to the root of the problem and get you treated so that you start being able to see life the way that you used to.

Avoid the awkward silence or stare that comes with your excessive blinking and winking at complete strangers— and maybe even save a future argument with your spouse. Combat your dry eye syndrome this season by either trying an over-the-counter eye drop or by scheduling a consultation appointment with one of our eye experts. To learn more about general dry eye questions or to schedule your appointment, contact Eye Care Institute today!

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