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Top Glaucoma Laser Treatment Post-Care Recommendations

glaucoma laser treatment Glaucoma is a collection of eye diseases that attack your optic nerve and impair your vision. This eye condition can also be quite painful in nature, sometimes causing nausea. Many people with glaucoma will undergo laser surgery to preserve their remaining vision and reduce their symptoms. Should you decide to treat your condition with laser surgery, consider following these glaucoma recovery tips as advised by ophthalmologists.

Glaucoma Recovery Tips from Ophthalmologists

Arrange Transportation

Your eyes will be watery and blurry after your laser treatment. Even if you feel fine to drive, you should not operate a vehicle immediately following any corrective eye procedure. You cannot be certain how your eyes will respond to the surgery, but your eyes will most likely be swollen and itchy. The swelling and itchiness can impair your driving ability. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to have someone transport you to and from the medical office.

Avoid Irritating Your Eyes

We know your eyes may be itchy and burning after laser treatment, but you should avoid scratching and rubbing your eyes at all costs. Laser surgery makes your eyes vulnerable to infection and, if you’re touching your eyes frequently, you may transfer bacteria into them. An act as seemingly harmless as opening your wallet or texting right before rubbing your eyes can cause bacteria to settle behind your eyelids.

Avoid Certain Activities

Certain activities, such as tanning, relaxing in a sauna, and swimming at the beach increase your risk of eye infection. Therefore, a great glaucoma recovery tip is to avoid these activities until you’re about three to six weeks post-eye surgery.

Take Your Medications

Here is an understated glaucoma recovery tip. Take your medications and apply your eye ointment. Using eyedrops and creams will reduce eye infection, eye inflammation, and eye irritation.

Glaucoma Doctor in Sonoma County, CA

There are many benefits to glaucoma laser treatment, starting with improved vision. However, as with any surgery, there are important steps you should follow to maximize your results. If you have further questions about glaucoma recovery tips, do not hesitate to contact our eye surgeons at 707-546-9800.

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