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5 Age-Related Conditions That Can Impact One’s Eye Health and Vision Acuity

After the age of 40, many men and woman may notice that their vision is changing. Sometimes patients require eyeglasses to help them read, or perhaps they are experiencing difficulty in focusing or fighting glare while driving at night. While these changes are a common and normal part of aging, it is important to make sure that any conditions that are present are caught early enough for successful intervention to keep them from impacting your quality of life and maintaining one’s independence. During a comprehensive dilated eye examination at the Eye Care Institute, patients can catch these age-related conditions and seek treatment.

Age-related eye conditions and diseases

Below are some of the most common conditions diagnosed due to natural aging:

• AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) – this disease impacts the central vision. It can make it difficult for patients to perform daily tasks such as driving a car or reading a book. It gradually destroys the central vision and can become progressively worse over time.

• Cataracts – a cataract results in clouding of the lens that can result in vision that is blurry, faded, and cloudy. Patients with cataracts may also experience more glare than normal in their vision.

• Diabetic eye disease – patients who have diabetes need to manage their condition to keep from damaging blood vessels within the retina. This condition can lead to complete blindness if not caught early enough and treated.

• Glaucoma – damage to the optic nerve in the eye can be caused by glaucoma, which can completely destroy one’s vision. It specifically effects peripheral vision and is commonly associated with high blood pressure in the eyes themselves.

• Dry eye – with aging, many patients experience drier eyes than in their younger years. This is because the eye does not produce enough tears. This condition can be bothersome for many patients but can be addressed with artificial eye drops.

Schedule an eye examination today

At the Eye Care Institute, patients can work with our providers to determine if they are at risk of any of these age-related eye conditions and get a proper and early diagnosis when possible. Call the main number at (707) 546-9800 to schedule an examination at any one of our three convenient office locations.

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