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Five Reasons Why Routine Eye Examinations Are Important

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Most patients in Santa Rosa, CA only visit their ophthalmologist when they notice their vision becoming blurry or their current eyeglass prescriptions not maintaining their effectiveness. However, it is so important for patients of all ages to visit their ophthalmologist on a regular basis for a comprehensive eye examination. There are many reasons why visiting every year is so important:

• Children can succeed in school – if you have not had your child’s vision checked, it is never too late to start. Many children are unaware that their vision is not at its best. Instead, they may suffer in school because they are unable to see the board. Having a good vision is important for helping children succeed in school since they can fully participate in class instruction.

• Myopia diagnosis has greatly increased over time – more and more children are being diagnosed with myopia at an earlier age. This condition also referred to as nearsightedness, can be easily detected with an eye exam and treated sooner than ever. This can greatly reduce the chance of the condition worsening into adulthood.

• Eye examinations with a doctor are more accurate than school screenings. Many schools off annual vision assessments known as “vision screenings.” These are not nearly as comprehensive as a professional eye examination and should not be used to determine if a child needs to see an ophthalmologist or not.

• Early diagnosis of glaucoma and other eye conditions – there are many changes to the eye that can occur. Many of these may not be easily noticed by a patient themselves. With annual eye examinations, patients can keep their vision sharp and their eyes healthier! In fact, eye examinations may also detect and diagnose other serious health problems such as high cholesterol, cancer, and diabetes.

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