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How to Treat your Dry Eye Condition

Eye care Santa Rosa, CA Dry eye is one of the top reasons why patients visit their eye doctor. It is largely under the diagnosed condition, and as a result, leaves many individuals suffering for no reason. If you experience blurred vision, light sensitivity, redness, itching, or feel like there is always something in your eye, you may have dry eye. Let’s discuss what steps you can take right now to relieve your dry eye symptoms, but first, let’s talk about what causes dry eye in the first place.

What is causing my dry eye?

Dry eye is often the result of a tear duct system that has failed to work normally. Even when we are happy, our eyes our filled with tears. Tears are the perfect combination of antibodies, mucus, oils, and water to help create the perfect environment for our eyes to feel comfortable in. If this system is not working as it should, we immediately notice.

Dry eye can also be the result of certain diseases like Sjogren’s syndrome, collagen vascular diseases, or rheumatoid arthritis. Maybe you had an eye injury that has since left your eyelid incapable of fully closing. In other cases, you may be on medication or antihistamine that has triggered dry eye. The natural process of aging, like menopause, can also be the culprit. Regardless of why you have dry eye, your eye doctor will determine the best way to treat your specific condition.

What is the treatment for dry eye?

After a consultation with your eye doctor, the proper treatment will be determined to address your situation. Often, artificial teardrops will do the trick. These over the counter drops will help lubricate the eye and remove itchiness and irritation. You may want to dry more than one brand of artificial tears to determine which one feels the best to your eyes. In other cases, your eye doctor may suggest temporary punctal occlusion, non-dissolving punctual plugs, punctal occlusion by cautery, or other treatments.

Arrange a consultation

If you are experiencing any of the signs associated with dry eye, don’t hesitate to call The Eye Care Institute today. Don’t go another day living with the irritation of the dry eye. You can reach our team at (707) 546-9800.

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