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What you Can Do about Glaucoma Right Now

Glaucoma Santa Rosa, CA Glaucoma is an eye condition that hurts the eye’s optic nerve. An increase in intraocular pressure can damage the optic nerve, which can inhibit its ability to send images to the brain. Untreated glaucoma can result in vision loss and severe cases blindness. At present, specialists have not discovered a way to restore vision, but those with glaucoma who strictly adhere to a treatment plan and have regular eye exams are more likely to avoid blindness. Here’s how you can treat glaucoma.

Glaucoma treatment options

Before treatment for glaucoma commences, you will need to schedule an eye exam to be properly diagnosed. During your consultation your doctor will administer several tests and ask you questions about your eye health and medical history. Your glaucoma treatment will vary depending on your individual situation. Your eye doctor may use prescription eye drops, laser surgery, microsurgery, or a combination of the three.

  • Eye drops: Eye drops can aid in reducing the buildup of fluid in the eye or help increase the outflow of fluid. The side effects of taking eye drops may involve allergies, redness, stinging, irritated eyes, or blurred vision. Be sure you notify your doctor of medications you are allergic to.
  • Laser surgery: Laser surgery is done to enhance the flow of fluid from the eye. This procedure is specifically done for those with open-angle glaucoma. If you have angle-closure glaucoma, it can stop fluid blockage. More specifically, the types of laser surgery are trabeculoplasty, iridotomy, and cyclophotocoagulation.
  • Microsurgery: Using a procedure called a trabeculectomy, your doctor will make a new channel to decrease eye pressure and drain fluid. A tube may be inserted to assist with fluid drainage.

It is common for open-angle glaucoma to be treated with a combination of eye drops, laser trabeculoplasty, and microsurgery. It is important to speak with your doctor to determine which treatment method is right for your condition.

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