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Dry Eye and Dry Climate: Protecting Your Eyes This Summer

Prevent dry eye this summer in Santa Rosa, CA, by wearing sunglasses, staying hydrated, using eye drops, and wearing goggles while swimming. Here in California, we’re well known for our long, hot summers. However, California is one of the areas in the United States where the summer heat is dry. This dry heat is great if you want to avoid humidity and feeling muggy and “wet” while outside. Unfortunately, this dry climate can dry out the eyes and exasperate existing dry eye conditions. Taking extra care of your eyes is important to enjoying the California summer sun.

Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great way to protect the natural moisture of your eyes and prevent dry eye. The dry summer air can dry up your eyes and carries different irritants. Sunglasses provide a physical barrier between the dry air and any debris it carries.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is always important, but it is even more essential during the summertime. The higher temperatures will cause you to lose water throughout the day as sweat. If you’re not hydrated enough, your tears won’t have enough water to properly lubricate your eyes.

Use Eye Drops

Eye drops can be a good way to ease mild eye irritation and dry eyes. These can be taken over the counter and are a good way to return moisture to your eyes. However, more severe cases of dry eye may require a prescription strength eye drop from your doctor.

Wear Goggles While Swimming

Chlorine is a common chemical used in swimming pools to kill germs and keep the pool hygienic. However, chlorine will irritate your eyes and actually draw moisture from them. This leads to dry eye if you are swimming with your eyes open or swimming for prolonged periods. Wearing goggles while swimming can help mitigate the loss of moisture in the eyes.

Eye Care in Santa Rosa, CA

Taking care of your eyes in the California climate can be a challenge at times. That’s why our team of doctors at the Eye Care Institute in Santa Rosa, CA, provides decades of experience and expertise in clinical and surgical eye care. If you’re struggling with dry eyes, contact the Eye Care Institute at 707.546.9800 to schedule an appointment today.

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