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How to choose the right eyeglass frames

istock 910138686 1 Are you worried about picking out the most flattering pair of eyeglasses after your eye exam? Are you overwhelmed at the choices available, and are not quite sure which frame is best? At the Eye Care Institute, we know how difficult it can be to pick a pair of eyeglass frames that you will fall in love with, which is why our team works with patients and assists them in the process. In many cases, patients can pick the type of eyeglass frame best suited for their appearance based on their face shape. 

Understanding how face shape impacts frame choice 

With so many types of frames to choose from, knowing your face shape is a great start in picking out glasses that flatter your natural and unique facial contours. There are several different shapes that a patient may fall in line with, and this can be used by our team to pick glasses that will look best on an individual. Some face shapes include: 

  • Round
  • Square
  • Triangular
  • Oval
  • Heart

Not everyone has a distinct facial shape, and some patients may have a combination. Knowing the angles of the face can improve the chances of getting a flattering set of frames that look as though they were made just for you! 

Once you have determined your dominant face shape, our team at the Eye Care Institute will then select eyeglass frames that they feel will be a great choice for the patient. Patients can try on the glasses and pick out the ones they like the most. Some patients will even think outside the box and try on a pair that they feel fits them, even if it is not linked to the proper facial shape. This is okay—we encourage patients to experiment with different frames and find ones that they absolutely love! 

Do you need help choosing the most flattering frames? 

Connect with the team at Eye Care Institute to speak to a provider about the best options for you. We have three office locations available, and our primary line to book an appointment is (707) 546-9800. Our team welcomes new and established patients into our facility for comprehensive vision and eye health.  

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