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Signs You Should See Your Eye Doctor

iStock 89987843 1 No matter how well you think you are seeing or how much you doubt your vision has changed, regular eye exams are an important part of having healthy eyes and for your overall health. However, sometimes a problem comes up and you might wonder if it can wait until your regular exam or if you should make an appointment right away. If your regular eye exam is months off, you should know some signs that you shouldn’t wait for your next appointment – you should make one as soon as you can. 

Call the Eye Care Institute to make an appointment right away if: 

  1. You ever lose your vision, even for a few seconds. This can be a sign that something is seriously wrong, and it shouldn’t be ignored.
  2. You notice that you are becoming more sensitive to light. If you can’t stand to be outside (even while you are wearing sunglasses, which are always advised!) because it is so bright, it may be a sign of a cornea problem or a sign that your eyes are overly dry or strained.
  3. You keep getting headaches. If you have been noticing that you are getting headaches more than you used to, it could be caused by many things, of course, but it could be the result of eyestrain because your vision has changed.
  4. You have been noticing abnormal changes to your vision. This can include double vision, flashes of light, an increase in “floaters,” and a decrease in your peripheral vision.
  5. You get hit in the eye. We put our eyes through a lot, but they really are rather delicate. If you’ve been hit in the eye or close to it, a visit to the eye doctor to make sure everything is all right wouldn’t hurt.

Regular eye exams are important for the health of your eyes and even for your overall health. If you are overdue for an annual exam, or if you are having any problems with your vision, don’t wait! Make an appointment at the Eye Care Institute, at the office in Santa Rosa or Petaluma. The number is (707) 546-9800. Call today!

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