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October is Home Eye Safety Awareness Month

Optometrist in exam room Taking good care of your eyes is very important – it only takes a second for an eye injury to happen, and that injury can change your life forever. And, many eye injuries can happen in your own home when you are just going about your everyday chores, such as cleaning using dangerous chemicals or mowing the lawn. In honor of October being Home Eye Safety Awareness Month, here are some common eye injuries to watch out for and tips on what to do if you or someone in your home has an eye injury.

Common eye emergencies

Reacting quickly to an eye emergency can help to save your vision. Act quickly if you have:

• Debris in the eye. Don’t rub the eye, and try to allow tears to wash out the debris. If this doesn’t work, try an eyewash. If this doesn’t get it out, keep the eye closed, bandage it lightly, and see your doctor.

• Chemicals in the eye. Immediately flush the eye with water (or any other drinkable liquid you have available). Hold the eye under a shower or faucet and keep the eye open as wide as possible while the water runs over the eye. If you have contacts in, flush the eye even though the lens may wash away. After flushing, see a doctor right away.

• A cut or puncture to the eye. Don’t wash the eye, and don’t try to remove any object that is stuck in the eye. Cover the eye without applying pressure, such as with the bottom half of a paper cup. See a doctor right away.

• A blow to the eye. Apply a cold compress but don’t put pressure on the eye. If you have a black eye, reduced vision, or pain, you should seek care right away, as these can be signs of internal damage.

October as Home Eye Safety Awareness Month is a great reminder of how important it is to protect your eyes from injury. Act quickly if you have an eye emergency, and keep eyes healthy by making an appointment for an exam at the Eye Care Institute. Call the office in Santa Rosa at (707) 546-9800 for an appointment today!

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