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Double Vision: When Should I Visit My Eye Doctor?

Double vision Double vision, or diplopia, is a common occurrence for most people. With frequent eye exams, doctors can inform patients of worsening double vision and/or how to correct it. Double vision can happen when we are fatigued, under extreme stress, have low blood sugar, or have been staring at screens all day long. Though double vision may not seem too bothersome at first, there are a few warning signs patients should be aware of. Learn more about when exactly to see your eye doctor for double vision below:

Your Double Vision Does Not Disappear Within Several Hours

If you’ve caught up on rest, eliminated stress, and found that your double vision is not disappearing, it may be time to schedule an eye exam with your eye doctor to determine if you are in need of treatment, glasses, contacts, or a higher prescription. In some cases, constant double vision can also be a sign of a neurological condition, so prioritizing a doctor’s visit is important.

You Experience Double Vision At Night

If you notice that your vision worsens at night or in dark rooms, or you have significantly more trouble seeing clearly in dimly lit places, this could be a sign that you may have the wrong prescription of glasses or contacts. If you experience double vision at night while driving, this can have dangerous consequences. Visit your eye doctor to determine how an improved prescription level can help eliminate your double vision.

You Experience Double Vision With Other Symptoms

If experienced with other symptoms such as dizziness, confusion, or slurred speech, double vision may be a warning sign of a stroke or aneurysm. Early eye exams with your ophthalmologist can help you determine whether your double vision is a symptom of worsening eyesight or a major health condition.

Eye Exams in Santa Rosa, CA

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