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Do You Have Eye Freckles?

doctor examining womans eyes with a measurement machine Have you noticed a brown spot on your eye? If so, you may be wondering what it is and if it is something you should be concerned about. Chances are it is a harmless “eye freckle” – read on for more information about what these are and when a spot on your eye is something to see your eye doctor about.

What Is an Eye Freckle?

Just as freckles and moles on the skin are usually nothing to worry about, freckles on the eye usually aren’t either. The medical term for these is “nevi,” and they are typically brown or yellow. They are simply a collection of melanin all in one spot, the same substance that gives your skin and eyes their color. You may notice them on the surface of the eye, including on the iris (the colored part of the eye), but they can also appear in the back of the eye.

You may have nevi because they run in your family, and you may be at an increased risk for nevi if you have light-colored eyes and a light complexion. They can also be caused by exposure to the sun – wearing sunglasses is always a good idea to protect your eyes from sun damage, and they can also help to keep nevi from forming. In most cases, nevi are harmless. They aren’t harmful to the eye, and they won’t affect your vision. Nevi can be removed, but this may do more harm than good if they aren’t causing you any problems. However, if you notice that nevi start to change size or shape, you should see your eye doctor right away.

Although eye freckles are probably nothing to be concerned about, they are one more example of why you should see your eye doctor regularly, so that he or she can check your eyes for anything new. Nevi should be monitored to make sure they don’t grow over time. If you are concerned about something that looks unusual or if it’s just time for an eye exam, contact the Eye Care Institute in Santa Rosa. Call (707) 546-9800 for an appointment today!

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