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3+ Things Your Eye Doctor Wish You Knew

Asian Woman doing eye test in clinic When you come in to the eye doctor for your annual eye exam or because you are having an issue with your eyes, there is little time for small talk. And there certainly isn’t enough time for your eye doctor to run through all of the things he or she wishes every patient would know. Read on for some tidbits of information your eye doctor wishes you knew!

What your eye doctor wants you to know…

Your eye doctor wants to help you keep your eyes in the best of health. Here are just a few of the many things he or she wants you to know:

1. Sunglass don’t just make you look cool – they serve a purpose. Sunglasses protect your eyes from dirt and debris, but they also protect your eyes from the harm that sunlight can do. Too much sun can lead to eye problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration. And, being exposed to very bright light can lead to headaches and migraines. The right sunglasses can even help to protect the skin around your eyes from sun damage.

2. If you are really concerned about having great eyesight, you have to eat more than just carrots. Carrots are typically thought of as the best food for eyes – and they do help keep your eyes healthy. However, you should also make sure to get lots of dark, leafy veggies, too.

3. There is a right way to use eye drops. For instance, they may be more comfortable for your eyes if you have stored the bottle in your refrigerator. And, you should make sure to read the label for any special instructions. For example, some eye drops are all right to use while you have your contacts in, and other eye drops are not.

Your eye doctor wants you to have healthy eyes and great vision – these are just 3 tips to keep your eyes healthy. Make sure you contact your eye doctor right away if you are having any sudden problems with your eyesight – and don’t forget to schedule your annual eye exam! Call the Eye Care Institute for an appointment today, at the office in Santa Rosa or Petaluma at (707) 546-9800.

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