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The Signs of Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration, Santa Rosa, CA Macular degeneration can result in severe vision loss in people 60 years and older. The resulting vision loss is irreversible and caused by deterioration of the macula (a central portion of the retina). The retina works as a light sensing mechanism and is made up of nerve tissue. Macular degeneration doesn’t lead to complete blindness but is a significant contributor to diminished vision. First, let’s discuss the symptoms you should be watching out for.

The symptoms

You might have macular degeneration if: you have difficulty reading, you experience a decrease in vision resolution or blurriness, you find dark and blurry masses at the center or your vision, and you have a lessened ability to perceive color. If you think you are dealing with any or all of these symptoms, arrange a consultation with our office today.

The diagnosis

Macular degeneration due to age can be determined through a normal eye exam. Often, the eye doctor will find deposits or drusen underneath the retina. This is also known as pigment clumping. Your doctor may test your eyesight by having you look at a pattern that looks like a checkerboard. If you think that some of the lines appear wavy or are missing, you could have macular degeneration. By detecting macular degeneration earlier on, you can pursue special treatments that can hinder the progression of the disease.

Available treatments

At present, there is no known cure for macular degeneration. Although current treatments can’t fix the condition, they are capable of delaying its’ progression and stopping severe vision loss. These options include: Anti-angiogenesis drugs, laser therapy, photodynamic laser therapy, low vision aids. In addition, the following treatments are experimental and show considerable promise in aiding those with macular degeneration: submacular surgery and retinal translocation. Other treatment options can be discussed with your doctor.

Arrange your consultation

If you have experienced any of the signs of macular degeneration, don’t hesitate to call Eye Care Institute today. You can contact our office located in Sonoma County, by calling (707) 546-9800. We look forward to assisting you!

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