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Are you Taking your Eyes for Granted?

Eye Care, Santa Rosa Our eyes are miraculous organs that we often take for granted. Here are a handful of amazing insights into what your eyes can do! Remember, at Eye Care Institute, we hope to provide you with the best eye care solutions around. Meanwhile, enjoy these fascinating facts…

  1. An eye test can help determine the presence of Schizophrenia. Modern technology can diagnose this mental disorder with 98.3% accuracy by simply examining the eyes. The eye doctor would look for abnormal eye movement.
  2. The cornea doesn’t have blood. Every other tissue in the human body has blood vessels, but the cornea doesn’t. This is because the cornea needs to be clear so it can correctly refract light without any interference.
  3. You can’t cry in space. Well, technically you can but your tears will only ball up in your eye because there is no gravity.
  4. Astigmatism is when the cornea or lens has a curve to it. This common problem is not serious and can be dealt with by prescribing toric lenses.
  5. An eye exam can help identify diabetes. This is due to the fact that diabetes creates small hemorrhages that leak from the blood vessels at the back of the eye.
  6. You blink a lot….like 4,200,000 times per year. Blinking allows the eyes to remain lubricated which means that adults blink around 15-20 times per hour.
  7. Eat this for healthy eyes: oily fish, vitamin A, and vitamin C are all excellent vitamins and minerals to help maintain healthy eyes.
  8. You should never clean your contact lenses with water. This will do far more damage than help and can lead to significant eye and contact lens damage.
  9. Color blindness is more common in men.

Arrange your eye exam today! As part of your overall health, regular eye exams help your eye doctor apprehend any major eye problems before they become significant (and more expensive) challenges. Call our office today at (707) 546-9800 to arrange your eye exam. We look forward to assisting you.

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