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Why patients often choose contact lenses over eyeglasses

istock 887303116 1 If you have healthy eyes but imperfect vision, you may be told by a doctor that you are an appropriate for prescription eyeglasses. However, many patients do not want to use eyeglasses to improve their vision, and may start to wonder if they are a good fit for contact lenses. At the Eye Care Institute, we work with patients to help them choose the best solution for improving their vision and determine if they are good candidates for contact lenses.

What types of eyeglasses are available?

Patients who require vision correction may start with eyeglasses. These are frames that include lenses that are made based on a patient’s prescription needs. They may be single vision lenses or multifocal lenses. Multifocal lenses may include bifocals, trifocals, or progressive lenses.

What types of contact lenses are available?

When it comes to contact lenses, patients might also have several options available to them depending on the eye conditions they have. Patients may use daily wear lenses, daily disposables, and extended-wear lenses. There are also hard and soft lenses, and patients who wear bifocals and multifocals can also wear contact lenses made accordingly to correct vision from up-close and faraway using the same lens.

Why do patients choose contact lenses over eyeglasses?

There are many benefits to contact lenses that patients consider when switching from eyeglasses to contacts. Some of the advantages of contact lenses include:

  • Eliminating the need for prescription eyewear that might block your vision
  • Eliminating fogging up of eyeglasses in temperature changes
  • Eliminating lenses getting wet and needing to be cleaned daily
  • Allowing patients to play sports without having to worry about breaking their prescription eyewear

Interested in learning more about contact lenses?

Many patients are appropriate for contact lenses as an alternative to prescription eyeglasses. If you are considering the switch, we encourage you to contact us at the Eye Care Institute. We offer three convenient office locations in the area, and patients can contact our main line at (707) 546-9800 to make an appointment at any of these practices. We welcome new and established patients looking to monitor or improve their vision and eye health with a professional team of experienced providers.

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