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Tips for caring for contact lenses

contact lenses For many patients, contact lenses allow them to look and feel their best and eliminate the need for corrective eyeglasses. However, if patients do not properly care for their contact lenses, it can result in damage or infection to the eyes. The team of the Eye Care Institute encourages patients who are considering contact lenses to ask their doctor about recommendations for keeping them clean and safe.

Tips for caring for contact lenses

Below are several recommendations compiled by our team of doctors describing the importance of good contact lens care:

  • Follow the directions given by the contact lens manufacturer and/or eye physician regarding the cleaning and storage of your contact lenses
  • Do not wear contact lenses that have been stored for over thirty days without disinfecting
  • Maintain regular eye exam appointments to ensure the cornea is not changing shape and impacting the fit and function of your current lens prescription
  • Avoid water submersion when wearing contact lenses, including swimming in a swimming pool, showering, or using a hot tub
  • Do not sleep in contact lenses overnight; instead, clean and store them for use the following morning
  • Wash your hands before you handle your contact lenses to avoid adding debris that can damage the eye
  • Use sterile solutions and not water or spit when inserting, handling, or cleaning contact lenses
  • Never reuse old solution to clean or wet contact lenses
  • Avoid touching the tip of your solution bottle to any surface as it can cause contamination
  • Keep your contact lens case clean, rinsing it with contact lens solution and leaving it open to air dry after use
  • Replace your contact lens case regularly to ensure it is clean and undamaged, typically every three months or as needed
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses if you are experiencing dry eyes, allergies, or other conditions that can be exacerbated with contact lens use

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