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Kelly Estrada
Dr Barth is outstanding!!!!! I had cataracts in both eyes. Dr Barth very clearly explained three types of surgery I could have. One was covered by Medicare and he said it would be perfectly adequate. A second was only partially covered by Medicare and would cost me $2,100 per eye but was much superior to what Medicare offered, and he recommended it IF I could afford it. The 3rd option was closer to $3,500 an eye and he said he did not think it was a good option for me even though I could easily afford it. So he saved me $2,800 total; an honest guy!!!!! And the surgery was a piece of cake in all regards, quick and painfree. I was totally satisfied with the pre-op and post-op appointments too. My vision is 20/20 now 🙂 I highly recommend Dr Barth!
bob sommer
Piper Emily
I go here. Doc Abrahmson is my eye doc, Wife's , too. They are the best. OOOOh .. here's an example. Doc says " you need to have this done " I says "I need authorization and referral - that's medical" Doc says "we'll do it. If it is denied - I'll pick up the bill" It was denied. it was medical, and, i needed the referral and auth. Doc picked up the bill .. just like he said he would. Will I go back? I will .. until I'm blind .. I buy all my eye wear there, too. Why? Because - they always come out right. Costco is a pain because they don't always come out good and have to be worked on time and time again. Same with other EYE care stores. Not this place. if it's not right. It will be the next time. That's for sure. NO more messing around. And .. free adjustments and stuff while you own your glasses. They also get you the best deal your insurance will allow. I like this place. I Like Doc A !!!
Rick Gustin
I was very pleased by the service I got here. The doctor was kind and considerate, and the staff was great. They were clearly very busy (and now I know why) but I didn't feel rushed. The only problem seemed to be that they were a little behind (20 minutes) because they were short staffed. (or so I was told)
Brandon Jefferson
Always a great experience! Kind, professional, and thorough, very considerate!
Mary Delany
My recent cataract surgery at ECI was one of the best health care experiences I've had. My surgery was elective, since my cataracts were not very advanced, but I wanted to have lens replacement to reduce my reliance on glasses. The result of the surgery is that I'm now totally free of glasses, even for reading. Dr. Barth, my surgeon, is a kind, compassionate, and attentive doctor. He even called me in the evening after my surgery to see how I was doing. The staff that I interacted with at ECI, including office personnel, medical technicians, and nurses, were all competent, caring, and efficient professionals. Thanks, Dr. Barth and staff at ECI.
Jan&Don McCormick
Susan and Levi Ennis

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