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What to expect with your next eye examination

Man with glasses At Eye Care Institute, we want to help patients maintain healthy vision and address problems before they become serious. We encourage patients to visit their eye doctor regularly for eye examinations. In fact, these screenings are often covered annually for patients with vision insurance. Patients with specific vision concerns may have to be seen more often than those with healthy eyes, and our team of professionals will advise patients on when to schedule their next visit.

What can I expect during my eye examination?

A full eye examination takes time to ensure that all areas of one’s eye health is evaluated thoroughly. Below are some of the things your eye doctor may ask about or perform during your visit to our office:

  • A thorough discussion of one’s medical history, including any genetic eye concerns for appropriate screenings
  • Talking about any current eye problems or concerns that have developed since the last eye examination
  • Check the prescription of any current contact lenses or eyeglasses to see if vision has changed
  • Performing a glaucoma test that measures the inner eye pressure and evaluates one’s risk
  • Visual acuity and refraction testing
  • Evaluate overall eye health and wellness and discussing any vision concerns with the patient

Routine eye exams are often referred to as comprehensive eye exams. These are performed by an eye doctor and includes a series of special tests and vision screenings. These are different than other screenings that may be performed, such as vision tests for school or the DMV, or a follow-up examination after an exam has caught concerns that need to be addressed. The comprehensive eye examination is the test that is often recommended every year or so and is covered in full by many vision insurance plans. During your appointment, our team can determine if there are any benefits available to be used to cover the cost of these examinations.

Are you due for an eye exam?

Contact the team at the Eye Care Institute today by calling (707) 546-9800 and scheduling a visit at any one of our three convenient office locations. We are here to help, and encourage patients to take their vision health seriously with routine evaluations.

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