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Choosing the Right Optometrist

Selecting the right optometrist is as important for your eye care as your choice of family physician is to your overall health care — your optometrist should have both expertise and a positive nature to put you at ease on your visit.

BABRAMSON-218x300 At the Eye Care Institute our optometrist, Bruce Abramson, OD, has that special mix of chair-side care and deep knowledge that his patients appreciate. Bruce performs comprehensive eye exams that go beyond writing prescriptions. Using our clinic’s state-of-the-art equipment Bruce provides vision testing and correction with lenses as well as diagnosis, treatment, and management of vision changes.

Making regular vision check-ups with your optometrist ensures that your eyes stay in good health. And improvements to your vision improve your quality of life. If you’ve been experiencing changes in your vision, please make an appointment to see our optometrist. Early detection and treatment of eye disease is vital to long-term vision health. Bruce has been with ECI for more than 15 years and he has provided outstanding service to the Santa Rosa community for more than 20 years.

And while routine visits to ECI primarily involve performing eye exams and vision tests, prescribing and dispensing corrective lenses, and diagnosing nearsightedness and farsightedness, Bruce also has the knowledge and expertise to diagnose certain eye diseases before they can become harmful to your vision.

Whether you need an optometrist for a routine eye exam, to find the right pair of contact lenses or eye glasses, or for other eye care services, the eye doctor you are seeing at ECI has the experience and the right skills to serve your needs and help your eyes to better health.

If you’re searching for optometry services, here is a sampling of the services that ECI provides:

•    Regular eye exams
•    Emergency eye care
•    Comprehensive eye exams
•    Expert fitting from our extensive lines of eyewear, contact lenses, and sunglasses

Contact us to make an appointment, or click to schedule an appointment online. To learn more, please visit our Services page.

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