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We discuss cataract surgery with patients when their best-corrected vision is not adequate for their needs and the cataract is the primary reason for their visual loss. For example, cataract surgery is considered when an individual has difficulty with driving, reading, or other activities of daily life. It is performed as an elective (non-emergency) procedure.

The surgeons at ECI are thrilled to be able to offer advanced femtosecond laser cataract surgery with laser guided astigmatism management and quicker vision. We perform microincisional cataract surgery that is done under topical anesthesia and does not require the use of stitches in most cases. After the bulk of the natural lens is removed, an intraocular lens implant is implanted. We have excellent results in selecting the proper power of lens implant for each patient to provide them with optimal post-op vision.

Immediately following surgery, patients usually report minimal discomfort and are often back to their normal daily activities within days of surgery. Our typical post cataract surgery patient is delighted with their improved vision and functioning. Our doctors take pride in delivering personalized care for laser cataract surgery patients in Santa Rosa and Petaluma, CA.


LENSAR Laser System-fs 3D

Laser Cataract Surgery Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Novato & San Rafael CAThe LENSAR Laser System-fs 3D is a medical device for use in ophthalmic surgery. The device utilizes an ultra-short pulsed laser to cut a precision capsulotomy in the anterior lens capsule and/or to fragment the cataractous lens for removal during cataract surgery. The proprietary 3D imaging and biometry system provides seamless high-definition imaging from the anterior surface of the cornea to the posterior capsule through all grades of cataract. Use of the laser provides automated precision control of the size of the capsular opening as well as of the type and parameters of laser phaco fragmentation treatment within the lens.

Additional features of the LENSAR Laser System-fs 3D include:

  • A movable optical head to allow the laser to be moved into position to dock to the patient interface device from either side or from the superior position to either eye as required by the physician and procedure room set up.
  • A corneal contact free patient interface device and controlled force docking mechanism that positions and mechanically stabilizes the patient’s eye during all laser surgical procedures.
  • A camera system to provide the user a view of the eye during the eye “docking” operation and periodic snapshots of the lens to allow the user to monitor the laser treatment.
  • A software control system which controls the laser, beam delivery, monitors patient positioning as well as storing treatment information.
  • A user interface to permit the user to manage all aspects of the system.
lensar laser cataract surgery petaluma and santa rosa ca

For more information about Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery or to schedule an appointment, call our Santa Rosa office at 707-546-9800 or our Petaluma office at 707-763-6400. For directions, see our locations page.

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