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What happens during corneal transplant?

pexels leonardo cardozo galves 2398223 1 At the Eye Care Institute, we understand how important it is to have clear vision and healthy eyes. This is why we have dedicated our lives to helping others get a proper diagnosis of their conditions and find effective treatments. One procedure that is performed by our eye doctors at the Eye Care Institute is that of corneal transplant surgery. This surgery is done to address damaged, weakened, or diseased corneas which play a vital role in clear, quality vision.

What is the cornea?

The cornea is best described as the clear tissue that is located on the front of the eye. Its goal is to protect the inner eye and bend light rays for the retina for clear vision. When problems arise with the cornea, such as cataracts, it can impact one’s vision dramatically. The more severe the condition, the more likely the condition will negatively affect a patient’s quality of life and the ability to perform daily tasks and activities. At this point, patients may want to consider the advantages of undergoing corneal transplant surgery.

What happens during corneal transplant surgery?

Replacing the cornea is done under local or general anesthesia depending on the needs of the patient. This ensures patients are comfortable during and after their procedure. With a surgical microscope, the damaged cornea is removed from the eye. A donor cornea, or artificial lens, is then sewn into place. A special shield is then placed over the eye for protection and to ensure proper healing. Patients who have corneal transplants performed will often go home the same day as their appointment, so they are encouraged to arrange transportation to and from our office. Corneal transplant surgery success rates are extremely high, and many patients are able to dramatically improve their vision and restore their eyesight—which can be incredibly lifechanging for some!

Are you ready to learn more about corneal transplant surgery?

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